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Verona Airport Parking

Long and short-term parking at Verona Airport is handled at 6 different parking lots, all of which are located within a short distance of the two terminals.

The short stay car park “Stop & Go” is closest to the arrivals and departures terminals and is designated for passenger pick-up and drop-off with parking durations not exceeding 3 hours. One hour’s parking will cost EUR 3.00, 2 hours will cost EUR 6.00 and up to 3 hours’ parking will cost EUR 9.00 in this parking lot.

The low cost car park is ideal for long-term parking with a daily parking fee of just EUR 5.00 for the first 10 days. From day 11 onwards the daily rate reduces to just EUR 3.00 per day. This car park is located a 10 minute walk from the terminals.

For medium to long-term Verona Airport parking P1bis, P2bis, P3 and P4 car parks are perfect. They are in close proximity to the arrivals and departure terminals. Special rates have been negotiated with leading tour operators and travel agencies, helping holidaymakers to keep costs down. The rate for up to 1 hour’s parking is EUR 3.00 in all of them and prices remain the same for up to 8 hours’ of parking, charged at EUR 13.00. A 12 hour parking period in P1 and P2 will cost EUR 18.00, but in P1bis, P2bis, P3 and P4 the same period will cost just EUR 15.00.

A whole day’s worth of parking in P1 and P2 will cost EUR 22.00, while at the other car parks the price remains just EUR 15.00. For Verona Airport parking that exceeds the 24-hour duration, prices start to differ drastically.

P1 and P2 car parking lots are for premium parking and this is reflected in the most expensive fee the management charges for Verona Airport parking. Both parking lots are adjacent to the departure terminal and P2 is a covered car park, which is therefore more secure. Ideal for travellers in a hurry, the P1 and P2 car parks are nevertheless the most expensive parking option at Verona.

Two days of parking in P1 and P2 car parks will cost EUR 42.00, while in the other parking lots P1bis, P2bis, P3 and P4 the fee will only be EUR 25.00. Three days in P1 and P2 will cost EUR 60.00, while in P1bis, P2bis, P3 and P4 this parking duration will be charged at just EUR 35.00.

From day 5 onwards the charges change drastically again, according to which long and short-term parking at Verona Airport a motorist chooses. Parking for 5 days in P1 and P2 will cost EUR 91.00, but in P1bis, P2bis and P3 the same duration will be charged at EUR 55.00 and at P4 the charge will be just EUR 30.00.

All parking lots offer free of charge parking for periods not exceeding ten minutes. The official airport website at has a useful calculator for motorists that shows the availability at a given day and time and what the parking fee will be in the chosen parking facility.

The parking management of Catullo Park can be contacted by telephone at tel +39 045 809 5656 or by email at

The A4 motorway connects Milan, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padova and Venice, taking in Verona Villafranca Airport en route. The A22 motorway connects Bolzano, Trento, Verona and Mantova, taking in Verona Villafranca Airport en route. For the A4 motorists need to leave at exit Sommacampagna to get to the airport and from the A22 motorists should use exit Verona Nord, when travelling from Trento and Verona Sud exit, when travelling from Vicenza and Venice.

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